History of the Society

In 1905 a group of ten immigrants from Anzano, Italy founded the Madonna Di Anzano Society. The society was originally formed to provide assistance to other immigrants wishing to come from the province of Foggia, Italy to America. The society provided medical, and death benefits and other assistance to those seeking the American Dream. It was overseen by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance and considered by the state as an Insurance Organization.

The following are the founding members of the Society:

Sebastino Scapicchio
Euplio Zizza Fu Battisto
Felice Puopolo
Euplio Riccardi
Biagio Desesa
Euplio Zizza Fu Rocco
Angelo Tarantino
Pietro Scapicchio
Lorusso Giovanni
Donato Puopolo

In 2002 the society decided to no longer offer a benefit which is usually not needed today and incorporate. The club was incorporated as Soceita Santa Maria Di Anzano Inc.

Our purpose of this not for profit organization is as follows:

1. To preserve and promote the heritage of the Madonna.
2. To encourage, solidify and glorify the sanctity of family life.
3. To preserve and promote Italian heritage, language, culture, and customs.
4. To patronize and help one another to succeed, encourage good conduct, come together in social activities, sponsor works of charity, maintain an awareness of our brotherhood and our Italian heritage, promote love for our country the United States of America, families, friends, and to keep alive the rich patrimony and heritage that we have inherited.

If you wish to be a member you must agree with the purposes of the organization. The membership application can be completed online by clicking here, or the application can be downloaded by clicking here.