Scholarship Information

The Societa Santa Maria Di Anzano Scholarship purpose is to enable and encourage students to pursue higher education. Applicants must demonstrate a serious interest in Italian culture, language, and the community. This year, the Society is offering scholarships in the amount of $500.00 to help defray the increasing expenses of a college education.

The recipient of the scholarship must appear at the Society's annual Feast, where they will be recognized and be awarded their Scholarship.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Year Scholarship Recipient(s)
2017 Anthony Tramontozzi and Joseph LaMonica
2016 Anthony Leccese and Joe Monteiro
2015 Francesca Mantone and Matthew Beckshaw
2014 Christopher Montiero and Bernard Baldassaro
2013 Elyse Valente and Alexander Leccese
2012 Justine Maertignetti and Brandon Breen
2011 Michael Giso and Mark Roberto