Story of Santa Maria Di Anzano

The image of the Madonna was discovered 400 years ago in a small village now known as Anzano.

It all began one day when a young farmer's cow wondered away. As he was searching for it he happened upon some shrubs. As he got closer, he noticed a beam of light shining through. With a surprised look in his eyes he realized he discovered the beautiful image of the Madonna. The young farmer was so elated at his discovery he ran home to inform the priest and townspeople about it.

In honor of the discovery, the townspeople erected a statue of the image that they had seen. When the statue of the Blessed Mother was completed the people attempted to move it to the neighboring town of Trevico. The statue was lifted on to a wagon with one bull pulling. The wagon could not be moved. The people decided they needed more bulls to pull the wagon. A total of nine bulls were used to bring it to the border of Trevico. However, the wagon would not go any further. The people then thought the Madonna wanted to rest in the next town of Zungolo. Again, the Madonna could not be moved.

The townspeople finally understood that the statue of the Madonna did not want to be moved from the place of her discovery. Subsequent to this, they built a church and a village now known as Anzano.

In Italy since that time the feast of the Madonna Di Anzano is celebrated on Pentecost Sunday. Here in Boston, the Societa Santa Maria Di Anzano celebrates her feast on the first weekend of June.

Madonna Di Anzano Statue